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Bottoms Up Coffee


When two Venezuelan-American sisters decided that coffee could be used to fight a social injustice, Bottoms Up Coffee Co-op was born in Franklinton.

Our Story: Founded by two sisters, Bottoms Up was established as a social enterprise with a mission to lower the staggeringly high infant mortality rate in one of Columbus' oldest and poorest neighborhood's. Today, that mission continues under new ownership by Cova Cowork, a team of four social entrepreneurs that intend to build on the foundation the two sister's established. Cova Cowork strives to embolden the mission of Bottoms Up and grow our community one cup of coffee at a time.

Our Building: The two residential homes pictured in the mural outside the Bottoms Up building stood in this lot before going belly up in “The Great Flood of 1913.” In 1916, this post office was built. One hundred years later, the Bottoms Up founders rehabbed this building with the help of the community and transformed it into a modern business with a mission to create social change. The mural painted by a local artist pays homage to the neighborhood's resiliency. 
To this day, the neighborhood is affectionately referred to as “The Bottoms” because of its low terrain.




Our Impact


Bottoms Up has had the opportunity to make donations to the following organizations

and has given over 15,000 diapers to moms in need in Franklinton and Hilltop as part of our Diaper Gap Fund